Stage 18, Sep 22, Burgos to Castrojeriz, 12.3km (+ 28.9km by taxi), total time 3:51 hrs

I woke up all of a sudden, with my unconscious self reminding me to take the pills at 6am. The leg was a bit stiff but somewhat more manageable. The affected area was also cooler at the touch. Well relieved I went forward to activate plan B, which was to take a cab to about midway through and walk the remaining 10km or so. Plan A was to walk all the way, and Plan C to call it a quit.

In Burgos, Maria Luisa from Seville told me: “There is no race, no prize to be won, find your own pace and do not be affected by the pace of others. The right people to keep you company are the ones that will show up again during the Camino, not the ones you want to emulate.”

I treasured the advice, and managed to walk with a renewed purpose and made it to Castrojeriz, with no significant issues.

The key issue is to reach the destination before 2 pm at the latest, failing which you may need to confront a “full house” sign. This explains the urgency of the early risers to have enough time to make it with no delays. In different circumstances I’d rather to ditch the plan, and stop for the night wherever I am by 2pm. Noted for my next Camino adventure.

I will post pictures from this stage the next time hoping on a more reliable network connection. Hasta la vista, compañeros!

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