The inner Road….

While I keep myself occupied with the charting of the itinerary of my Camino via Google Maps and other media, it occurred to me that the planned breaks on my physical itinerary would probably coincide with the achievement of some inner journey breaks. I came up with the idea of charting also the following roadmap of the inner travel companions I will shall have to deal with along the way at personal level:  the Body, the Mind and the Spirit.

On this type of non-geographical maps, my engineering approach is stumbling with the choice of the targets to assign at each stage and it may well be that some of these definitions will need to me modified many times along the way.   The process of learning by heart the names of the many villages, towns and other landmarks to help my orientation seems to be a much easier task than preparing for the many varieties of feelings I will travel through in my inner road…..Anyway I want to give it a try for the time being.

The total itinerary of 43 days is now split in three phases:

  • From Lourdes to St. Jean P-d-P (6 days)
  • From St. Jean to Leon (20 days)
  • From Leon to Finisterre (17 days)

I envision that in phase one the concentration will remain pretty much at physical level, as I have to deal with the inadequacies of my Body: small and big pains, blisters, sore knees and the likes will keep me occupied. As I move into the second stage the attention is expected to be shifted on the Mind to maintain the balance and the determination to continue. Finally in the third phase, the  Spirit will eventually be fully unleashed to reach a new elevation and balance. More or less……





Phase 1

6 days




Phase 2

20 days




Phase 3

17 days




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