After so much worrying, pondering and struggling, the resolution of searching for a human contact with the Camino, was the right thing to do. In the comfort of my keyboard and screen, the quest for where and how to find a bed to rest, has been restless but not yielding any appreciable results. Hostel booking sites were returning discouraging messages of the likes of “server down due to heavy traffic”, or “fully booked, sorry”, or again “try later, thank you”. Rowing against the bitter current of my natural adversion for the telephone, I finally dialed in. She answered in English with a cheer in her voice. “Are you the hostess?”, I asked, “Actually I am a volunteer, and am more than happy to deal with your fears. We have a bed for you, so you just need to concentrate on the true purpose of your Camino”. The relief was immediate and finally the peace if mind started to take possession of me. Now I know pretty much what my first 6 days will be like. These will serve my purpose as conditioners for my physical and mental training. No plans for the days beyond. I will learn the prayers of the contented spirit in appreciation of the simple blessings and the fulfillment of the few bare necessities.

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