Talking about challenges….

The taxi approaches to the stand at a major hospital in Singapore. I always walk up there to hire a cab to reach the office every day. Speculating on the never failing dependency of urbanites from the quick fixes and treatments provided by the Medical Science, there is always ample availability if cabs there.  I am first in line and with impatience am noticing the rather slow attitude of the alighting passenger in paying the hire fee and in getting off the taxi. Even more annoying is the fact that he’s not even acknowledging my presence and slams the taxi door behind him, while I was hurrying to jump in. I react politely albeit irritated and reopen the door to take my own ride. The passenger suddenly realizes and humbly apologizes and slowly walks away inside the hospital.

“He’s almost 90% blind”, comments the cab driver shortly after, “I fetch him to work every day and often here to the hospital. He’s got a degenerating eye disease but makes a point in continuing to contribute to his work to support his family of three”.

Now, when I talk about challenging my comfort zone, I am still taking for granted too many blessings which I seldom acknowledge and quietly appreciate. I felt confused and sorrowful for snapping and being judgemental, and will remember this small but enlighting episode for further reflection.

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