In a recent Sunday walk, a couple of senior ladies surprised me for their determination and daring attitude. In front if a closed gate a few hundred meters from the final trekking destination, I felt at a loss in dealing with mounting frustration. Not many options were available. Either to climb over the gate, in an overt act of trespassing a private property, or turn back in search of a more convenient passageway. I opted to walk back alongside the fence around and eventually found a break to sneak through and reach the target destination. Once there, with dismay, I saw the two ladies approaching from the straight direction and I prompted them whether someone opened the gate for them in the meantime.

“No”, they answered un a giggle,”….we just climbed over!”.

The candid answer prompted me with some thinking whether the straight approach to obstacles is the right decision compared to going around them. I concluded that every situation requires a different evaluation of the odds, but I could not help admiring the ladies for their courage and athletic fitness. My old male ego was also harmed a bit…..

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