The Pace of Change

At dinner last night, a friend suggested: “Transformation can only happen if you pull yourself outside your area of comfort, and stay there long enough to become permanent”. True.

Nonetheless my experience has taught me, that in most cases, not necessarily anyone needs to “pull” oneself out there: it is the area of comfort that inevitably shrinks or modifies under the effects of the external changes in the environment, in the work and career life, even in the family or the outer circle of the loved ones. The aggravating component is the pace of change in these external factors. As human beings we manage change at the frequency of our heart beat, or our breathing cycles. The external change agents are now vibrating at gigahertz frequencies, in the name of modernity which apparently privileges speed against time.

How to prepare the personal “toolbox” for the changes to come, and their increasing pace?

My parents have taught me that serenity and happiness are children of sacrifice and commitment. I believe I have lived to this predicament. Actually these are ingredients that most of the times generate excellent outcomes. My personal experience has taught me how acceptance and let go of any attempt of control of the external agents, are even more fundamental predicaments. These are not always easy to follow in the daily burdens, but it’s already good to be aware and to keep the mind well open. A third set of “tools” is the rediscovery of the basics capabilities of the human being, which are hands that know how to make, legs that are able to take you wherever you want to be, a mind that is able to conceive vision and direction, and a spirit to glue all together and provide the essence of an universal belonging.

Whether it is now the case to “pull” myself into the unknown and likely uncomfortable zone, or to be “pushed” by external factors, being prepared is fundamental. I will try with sacrifice and commitment to stay away from reacting to the external changes and rely more on the basics of the existence; I will try with acceptance and letting go to focus on my vision and purpose; I will try to let God to indicate me the direction.

“God, grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

the Courage to change the things I can,

and the Wisdom to know the difference”

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