Rocamadour. The end and the beginning

There are emotions so strong, beautiful and  intimate, that it is just impossible describing in simple words what and how  you feel.

This is exactly what happen to me today the 28th of July 2016,  at 2:22 pm when, simply reaching the last bent of another steep slope  I was climbing, raising my eyes  I saw IT. The city on the rock was  finally just there : in front of me from afar, the dark stones, the majestic cathedral.. Rocamadur the final destination of my Yourney,  the reason for I walked and walked and walked more. The reason for I laughted and cried; prayed and cursed; sweating under the sun and chilling in the rain.. My target.  The hope of being able to make it even when it was really painful.. But the desire to do it. For me.

Therefore I feel the need  to put down – now and not tomorrow – the joy I have in my heart tonight, writing  these few thoughts even if my eyes are really almost closing…

I did it. Never alone. Even when I was really the only one human being walking  on the visible portion of  the trail in front of me. I had my spirit with me. Coming from above and pushing me to keep walking.  The willingness to complete the task. But most of all the faith that, no matter what,  I was meant to be there, day by day and step by step.

Thanks to my husband who was walking with me: sometimes ahead, sometimes behind. Sometimes holding my hand and always trying to cheer me up in the most difficult moment. We fighted and we laughted together; we ate tons of baguettes with smelly cheeses and delicious  jambon.. We carried stones of all shapes and sizes to put on our Chemin under iron and wooden Crosses, in the middle  of nowhere or on the altar of small countryside chapels and abbeys.


It has been a beautiful experience.

Really a great one. For me, one of the most important in  our mariage lasted 37 years. And the most amazing thing is that we have now a big task : to plan the next one!! We will keep you posted.

Stay with us and , till then: happy Walk, buen Camino; bon Chemin to whoever is ready to walk the extra mile: testing himself or herself step by step. One day at the time. Out of my  confort zone, breathing freash, new air, I found new ways to be happy, joyful and free. Bonne chance  and a bientot!!

Day 6, Stage 4 from Figeac to Cardaillac, Start at 10:46 for 2:36 hrs. Total 9.73km

Today we woke up  as early  as 7 with a serious intention to start walking at 8. Just after a very simple breakfast we realized however that something was not totally right. Our bellies were bloated and aching, and we had to take care of the emergency with the highest priority. Again dealing with any need to buy something, including medicines, in France and on a mid-summer Monday morning, was another desperate challenge.  Quite worried we were crossing the sleeping city from East to West to find the necessary remedy for our belly pain. At last we succeeded, but it was already past 930 am,  so we thought that it would not do more harm to relax at a coffee shop before hitting the road again.

We met wonderful and very helpful people so far, very tolerant of our insufficient control of the French language. But we met also a few ones graduated with honors in MBA (Master in Behaving like an Asshole). One was the rude coffee shop owner this morning and the other was another bartender the day before who refused to sell me take-away cokes since he had only glass bottles to be returned!

Anyway, we did not care and exchanged a few jokes among ourselves, heading towards the cathedral to light up our daily candle and leave the rocks carried along the way yesterday with our intentions and prayers: no way! We discovered that not only the main Church but also the other ones in all Figeac were closed. Very disappointed,  we learned that they are open to pilgrims only from 6pm to 8pm. Otherwise, bad luck!

Therefore we could not collect the stamps on our passport in Figeac : just few quick pictures  and we hit the road.

It was a nice and not very long walk today, partially in the woods. We kept looking for chapels or even simple crosses,  where we can leave our intentions …. we need to complete almost 10km before finding one.

At about 2  pm, we reached our destination,  and the medieval village of Cardaillac was in front of us with its amazing  watch tower: we counted and climbed 82 steps, very steep indeed,  but were rewarded by a breathtaking view.

Take a look to the video!

Finally we found our bed fot the night: a cozy chambre d’hote where Jackie, the very kind owner, welcomed us with a big smile  in his intimate home, and cooked a delicious ‘ maigret de canard au miel ‘ just for us.

The day is coming to an end, we thank God again for a blessed day, and get ready for the next adventure: tomorrow we will walk to Rudelle: 13 Km are waiting for us!

Therefore: good night

Day 4, Stage 2, from Decazeville to La Coste, starting at 8:46am for 5:20 hours. Total 13.09km.

This morning we woke up at 645: Thierry, our hospitalier  for the night, prepared breakfast at 7am for the whole pilgrims’ bunch.

By 8:30 we were ready to go. We hit the road with a light spirit thanks to a blue sky and cool air.

We reached the tiny church  of St-Roch where we lighed a  candle to get good auspices  for the day,

then we stamped our passports and kept walking….

The rural scenery was all around us, totally peaceful and so far away from the noisy signs of civilization; only cows and horses cheered at our passage!

In one hour we reached Livinhac

where we admired the quiet flowing of the Lot river…

At a pilgrim stop, I left a rock  and we kept walking under the brightest sun.

Almost ready to call it a day, we discovered the coziest  possible  Gite ( hostel ) ever: a whole private apartment in 20sqm  managed by  a very nice Dutch hosting cuple ….. Under an amazing sky..

Good night

Day 3, Stage 1: Conques to Decazeville, 9:18 am to 3:41 pm incl. 3 long stops, total 19.28 km.

We left our Hotel in Conques at about 9am after a night of lighting & thunders…

We started walking under a cloudy  sky promising nothing good…

As a matter of fact in less than 1 h the rain started.. Annoying and drizzling…

No choice but keep walking …

We reached a nice chapel where I lighted a candle praying my Higher Power for my family and friends

We met a nice couple and we chat along .. We keep seeing each other today on the Walk few other times.

And, finally, we reached the shelter for tonight!! Les Volets Bleus

This simple room with bunked beds looks much better than a 5star hotel : see how perspectives in life change😊

I feel blessed and thankful: I managed to walk 19.28 km and part of my walking was under the rain.. Miserably wet.. I did it with all my heart because today I walked for the sake of  people I love very much.

Thanks God to keep me and Roberto safe in the Camino

The necessary train…

From Tolouse to Rodez..

Added by kyeh52: Walking is not just a mean of transportation from point A to point B. Starting and end points are to be carefully selected to represent a meaning which goes much beyond the need of travelling. The starting and the end points must be connected by means of  an historical way, which still resonates by the many feet that have stomped the cobblestones over the centuries and the millions that likely will follow. If this connection is not there, then it is much better take the train, the bus or even a taxi.

Today the adventure begins. First step: the necessary flight

From Milan to Tolouse.. In order to start my Walk I have to fly first. We arrived in a quiet and small hotel in Tolouse about 930pm.

The weather is cloudy and the local temperature dropped at least 10 deg C from Besozzo.

Thanks God I bought some sweets at the Airport before departure: we are having a nice tea-dinner and get ready for some good rest.

Tomorrow we are leaving early to reach our next destination : Conques and there – in fact – the Walk will start for good…