Day 6, Stage 4 from Figeac to Cardaillac, Start at 10:46 for 2:36 hrs. Total 9.73km

Today we woke up  as early  as 7 with a serious intention to start walking at 8. Just after a very simple breakfast we realized however that something was not totally right. Our bellies were bloated and aching, and we had to take care of the emergency with the highest priority. Again dealing with any need to buy something, including medicines, in France and on a mid-summer Monday morning, was another desperate challenge.  Quite worried we were crossing the sleeping city from East to West to find the necessary remedy for our belly pain. At last we succeeded, but it was already past 930 am,  so we thought that it would not do more harm to relax at a coffee shop before hitting the road again.

We met wonderful and very helpful people so far, very tolerant of our insufficient control of the French language. But we met also a few ones graduated with honors in MBA (Master in Behaving like an Asshole). One was the rude coffee shop owner this morning and the other was another bartender the day before who refused to sell me take-away cokes since he had only glass bottles to be returned!

Anyway, we did not care and exchanged a few jokes among ourselves, heading towards the cathedral to light up our daily candle and leave the rocks carried along the way yesterday with our intentions and prayers: no way! We discovered that not only the main Church but also the other ones in all Figeac were closed. Very disappointed,  we learned that they are open to pilgrims only from 6pm to 8pm. Otherwise, bad luck!

Therefore we could not collect the stamps on our passport in Figeac : just few quick pictures  and we hit the road.

It was a nice and not very long walk today, partially in the woods. We kept looking for chapels or even simple crosses,  where we can leave our intentions …. we need to complete almost 10km before finding one.

At about 2  pm, we reached our destination,  and the medieval village of Cardaillac was in front of us with its amazing  watch tower: we counted and climbed 82 steps, very steep indeed,  but were rewarded by a breathtaking view.

Take a look to the video!

Finally we found our bed fot the night: a cozy chambre d’hote where Jackie, the very kind owner, welcomed us with a big smile  in his intimate home, and cooked a delicious ‘ maigret de canard au miel ‘ just for us.

The day is coming to an end, we thank God again for a blessed day, and get ready for the next adventure: tomorrow we will walk to Rudelle: 13 Km are waiting for us!

Therefore: good night

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