Day 1, Besozzo to Toulouse (by train, plane and taxi)

Not much of an exhilarating day, let alone the mixed emotions that were hovering upon the very moment of zipping up for the last time the luggage and leaving home.

A few chores had to be managed on the way to the airport such as leaving the small service car we use in Besozzo to the service shop, sorting the garbage according to the strict collection rules, calling the locksmith to fix the house gate that got misaligned maybe due to some contractor’s truck that bumped it inadvertently, and so on. That was the most tiring part of the day.

The TILO train to the airport was super clean and perfectly on time since it’s a Swiss train connecting the Ticino canton to the Malpensa airport. Unfortunately there are only four TILO trains every day that stop in Besozzo. The other trains that eventually connect Besozzo to other destinations are normally old and dilapidated and will make the traveller miserable even before the start of the journey.

Now we are in our hotel room in Toulouse. Tomorrow will reach Conques to get our first stamp on our pilgrim’s credential passport.

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