Packing completed?

Maybe yes but likely not.

Two small backpacks weighing about 6.7 Kg each may need some last minute fine tuning. Excluding the weight of the empty sacks, we have packed about 10 Kg of stuff for the two of us, of which at least 30% belong to the “what if…” category, something like: “What if we get a cold whether front?”, or “What if we get a downpour when we got no shelter?”. For this last category I have got a small umbrella stuck in the side zippers, just in case. The rest of the “fears” are managed with some extra warm clothes. Funny enough, the whether forecast indicates 36 Deg C as the daily temperature at our starting point with a lower point at 23 Deg C at 7 am. I think we have to sleep on it tonight and leave the decision to jettison something behind to tomorrow morning just before leaving home for the “unknown”.

Both of us will also carry a small belly pouch to keep some of the items handy, like the cellphone, pocket money, tissues, etc. A common carry-on bag will be left at the Toulouse train station to be picked up on  the way back and contains some of the “civil” clothes to change before boarding the train that will take us home at the end of the journey.


One thought on “Packing completed?

  1. I couldn’t manage with a small backpack! Well done you guys. Safe travels. Hugs C

    – sent from my iPhone.


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