Stage 22, Sep 26, Terranillo de los Templarios to Calzadilla de los Hermanillos, 26.9km, total time 6:25 hrs

It’s about time to make a point on where I stand with the overall plan. I am on the road since 23 days and completed 528.5 km to date. By looking back, I am the first to be amazed about the progress done so far. Looking forward, there are 360 km to Santiago plus 95 km to continue on to Finisterre, for a total of 455 km to go. I am just a bit short of the targeted 1000 km, likely due to the section I had to use the taxi after the leg injury. It comes as a bit of disappointment, bit this goes along with the acceptance ofp changes in the spirit of the Camino.

The day started on a positive note with a starry sky and practically no wind. Even though I was comfortable in bed, I forced me out at 6:45am to start the new day with renewed energy. The temperature has been hovering around 3 degrees up to until 8:30 when finally the sun started to perform his daily job and gradually the blood and life started circulation again happily in my veins.



Along the way I met again Peter, the Australian from Melbourne, with whom I shared once a room and the cost of a load of laundry. We chatted for a while, and I learned he lives in a cottage in central Victoria, with no electricity.


Later on at the hostel there was an interesting discussion on whether the Camino is particularly appealing for solitary people, with odd personalities. The extensive loneliness that can be experienced on the road, while can be frightening for some who eventually choose to join with a companion or friend from home, for most is just the way to be, likely not so different from the lifestyle they have at home. Peter has done the camino twice: last year to commemorate the passing of his father after cremation on Ireland, this year he’s doing it again for himself. Another 29 year old boy from Sydney, is doing the Camino to find his bearings in life, after quitting his job in May and the passing of his mother. He openly admits that eventually he looks for a girlfriend and settle down here. If one has the heart to listen to all the stories, may truly appreciate the effort if all these lost souls to tie the many loose ends of their existences to start anew. There is a great deal of respect in approaching all these broken lives, who at the same time want to share their motivations, but are also reserved in talking to perfect strangers. The Camino creates though the thread to link one another in a strong fabric of human solidariety and love.


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