I am at the low-cost airport of Orio al Serio, near Bergamo, waiting to board the plane towards Lourdes and the adventure.
Determined to start the journey under the best auspices to learn the privilege of time against speed, I decided to go  through the motorway toll gates queuing patiently to pay cash instead of using the automatic cashless system. Nonetheless I made it perfectly on time to this tiny airport.

Ironically for someone starting on a long walk, the car rental return parking is located about 1.5km from the airport with no transfer shuttle. So I had my head start already, and by the time I reached the departure hall I was panting and worried on how would I be ready to walk my targeted 25 km per day for 42 days consecutively.

The temperature is a bit chilly with no sunshine. Will see when I land. Today the walking schedule calls for a short check-out stage of only 13.5km with the overnight planned in Pontacq (France).


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