What amount of discomfort is enough?

One may have issues with understanding foreign languages; some other with the physical pain or sore feet. There will be discomfort from wearing not perfectly laundered clothes, or for sure the lack of multiple showers every day, or again the lack of privacy in using common dorms. I think I can live with it.

What terrifies me is the absence of knowledge about the road, where are the turning points, where to stop to rest for the night. Particularly so for the extra piece of walk from Lourdes to St. Jean PdP which is almost an uncharted trail.

I am fighting against the discomfort of not being already a seasoned walker, who has done all this before and already been to all places. I fear the humility of asking for directions, or knocking at unknown doors in search for an arranged accommodation. Will I be able to learn forbearance?

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