The Plan

The Camino Frances is traditionally departing from St. Jean Pied-de-Port and totals 863.5 Km from St. Jean Pied-de-Port to Cape Finisterre.  It is a recent tradition for pilgrims to burn their clothes or boots at the end of their journey at Cape Finisterre: I am not sure I want to do this. If I shall feel the urge of burning something, I hope it is not going to be something material, but rather obsoleted habits or ways of thinking.

After further consideration from the late reply from Singapore Airlines to grant me a seat of the flight to Paris, I have tried other flight options to reach the starting point. In addition to the waitlisted flight to Paris, I also tried Milan which was also on waiting list, and called SQ to solicit a resolution on either option. A stop over in Milan actually would allow Raffaella to travel with me and to celebrate her birthday with the all our friends over there. A few days later, SQ confirmed my seat on the flight to Milan, therefore giving a definite hint to which itinerary was destiny for me.

Found out that Ryan Air offers a connection from Milano Bergamo to Lourdes. Then from Lourdes to St. Jean PdP it’s another complicated train connection taking a long time. But then:  “Heck, I thought, I am there to walk, so let’s walk from Lourdes instead! ”  It adds only some 145Km to the total, bringing it to a hefty 1,009Km. Now that’s a serious walk! The connection between Lourdes and St. Jean PdP is mapped in the pilgrimage chronicles and is known as the Chemin du Piemont Pyrenees.  Hope God will bless my new itinerary and provide me with the little essentials I shall need.

I shall therefore leave from Singapore on Saturday,  Sep 1st and then continue to Lourdes on September 4 arriving at about midday.

Including in and out flights it is a total of 44 days of which 33 on the walking path and 11 days of rest. In average, that is 26.2Km per day. The plan is still indicative, and will depend a lot from the weather and my physical conditions.

The itinerary I am plannign so far is the following:

Week Day Date # Distance km to the end km from the start From Overnight
Tue 4-Sep 1009.3 0.0 Milano Bergamo Lourdes, arr. 12:25, Ryan Air, FR4005
Wed 5-Sep 1 28.8 980.5 28.8 Lourdes Bruges
Thu 6-Sep 2 36.0 944.5 64.8 Bruges Oloron
Fri 7-Sep 3 24.0 920.5 88.8 Oloron Hopital St Blaise
Sat 8-Sep 4 28.0 892.5 116.8 Hopital St Blaise Garaibie
Sun 9-Sep 5 29.0 863.5 145.8 Garaibie Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port
Mon 10-Sep 6 25.0 838.5 170.8 Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port Roncesvalles
Tue 11-Sep 7 21.5 817.0 192.3 Roncesvalles Zubiri
Wed 12-Sep 8 22.0 795.0 214.3 Zubiri Pamplona
Thu 13-Sep 9 23.5 771.5 237.8 Pamplona Puente la Reina
Fri 14-Sep 10 22.0 749.5 259.8 Puente la Reina Estella
Sat 15-Sep 11 22.0 727.5 281.8 Estella Los Arcos
Sun 16-Sep 12 28.0 699.5 309.8 Los Arcos Logroño
Mon 17-Sep 13 29.0 670.5 338.8 Logroño Nájera
Tue 18-Sep 14 21.0 649.5 359.8 Nájera Santo Domingo de la Calzada
Wed 19-Sep 15 23.0 626.5 382.8 Santo Domingo de la Calzada Belorado
Thu 20-Sep 16 24.0 602.5 406.8 Belorado San Juan de Ortega
Fri 21-Sep 17 28.0 574.5 434.8 San Juan de Ortega Burgos
Sat 22-Sep 18 40.0 534.5 474.8 Burgos Castrojeriz
Sun 23-Sep 19 23.0 511.5 497.8 Castrojeriz Frómista
Mon 24-Sep 20 19.0 492.5 516.8 Frómista Carrión de los Condes
Tue 25-Sep 21 39.0 453.5 555.8 Carrión de los Condes Sahagún
Wed 26-Sep 22 19.5 434.0 575.3 Sahagún El Burgo Ranero
Thu 27-Sep 23 38.0 396.0 613.3 El Burgo Ranero León
Fri 28-Sep Leon
Sat 29-Sep 24 24.0 372.0 637.3 León Villadangos del Páramo
Sun 30-Sep 25 28.0 344.0 665.3 Villadangos del Páramo Astorga
Mon 1-Oct 26 20.0 324.0 685.3 Astorga Rabanal del Camino
Tue 2-Oct 27 32.5 291.5 717.8 Rabanal del Camino Ponferrada
Wed 3-Oct 28 23.0 268.5 740.8 Ponferrada Villafranca del Bierzo
Thu 4-Oct 29 30.0 238.5 770.8 Villafranca del Bierzo O Cebreiro
Fri 5-Oct 30 36.5 202.0 807.3 O Cebreiro Sarria
Sat 6-Oct 31 21.0 181.0 828.3 Sarria Portomarín
Sun 7-Oct 32 24.5 156.5 852.8 Portomarín Palas de Rei
Mon 8-Oct 33 25.5 131.0 878.3 Palas de Rei Arzúa
Tue 9-Oct 34 36.5 94.5 914.8 Arzúa Santiago de Compostela
Wed 10-Oct 35 23.5 71.0 938.3 Santiago de Compostela Negreira
Thu 11-Oct 36 24.0 47.0 962.3 Negreira Maronas
Fri 12-Oct 37 31.0 16.0 993.3 Maronas Cee
Sat 13-Oct 38 16.0 0.0 1009.3 Cee Cap de Finisterre
Sun 14-Oct Cap de Finisterre Santiago de Compostela, by bus
Mon 15-Oct Santiago de Compostela Milano, Italy by Ryan Air


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