Energy sources on the go….


This is (almost) the whole gear to ensure a supply of power to my smartphone and music player during the trip. The description is as follows:

#1 (center top right): a DC/DC converter that generates an USB low current source at 5V from two AA batteries. This is an emergency kit and assumes that I can buy batteries pretty much everywhere. Inclusive of two AA batteries plus 2 spare ones, weighs 68 grams. Comes with a white LED as torchlight.

#2 (top left): a solar powered lithium rechargeable battery with an USB output. It has an extra hi-power LED to work also as another emergency torchlight. Inclusive of the output USB cable it weighs 134 grams. It charges an exhausted phone battery in 12 hours, and under direct sunlight it recharges the internal battery in about 10 hours.

#3 (right): this is my HTC Desire S smartphone, the only communication tool I will bring along. It allows me to post text on FB and on this blog, and receive comments, emails, etc. It weighs 131 grams.

#4 (center top left): a 220/230V AC/DC adapter to source an USB 5V from a wired power line. With an european plug (two prongs) weighs 21 grams.

#5 (center bottom) : my 4GB iRiver MP3 player, USB rechargeable. With earphones it weighs 59 grams.

All together, the whole kit weighs 413 grams, or 5.16% of total targeted carry on weigh.

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