My Purpose

Anyone who has embarked in a walking journey says that whatever the purpose was stated at the beginning, at the end of the walk a totally new scope becomes overwhelming through the process of inner change. This suggests the idea that the real purpose is to keep your mind and your heart open, since it may well be that it is not as much you walking the road, but rather it is the road itself to be molding you through the reduction of the inner noise and the acceptance of time as a constant.

The documenting of the change in the purpose through out the journey has therefore an journalistic interest. Eventually I will add here at the end of the pilgrimage some reflections on such changes, or better summarize some sudden revelations of change captured in the daily blogging.   Needless to say, I am really, humbly looking forward to learn what paradigm shift is in store for me through this experience.

This journal wants to record my experiences during these walks.

Here is the list of purpose statements (limited to the top three) which I am popping out during casual conversations with friends or family answering the typical question: “Why?”

  1. Learn how to live with less.
    I am planning to constrain my personal comfort only to the amount of material stuff  I can carry on on my shoulders. This will be set at the start to be no more than 10% of my body weight. Eventually if I will lose weight during the journey, I shall reduce the material needs accordingly. I will make an exception to a minimum gear of electronic gadgets to allow a daily posting on this blog.

    “Life starts at the end of your comfort zone” (Neale Donald Walsch)

  2. Prioritize time against speed
    Time is not for us to waste in idleness or compress to achieve our targets faster. Time is set by the universal breathing of the alternation of day and night. The pressure to achieve results against time is therefore a primary source of stress and diversion from the enjoyment of a full life.
  3. Volunteering for a cause
    I’d like to propose appealing causes for sponsors who want to buy kilometers from me and donate the total amount to adopted charity organization. However, as my friend Laura hinted, if one wants to do a pilgrimage, should just do it without looking around for an altruistic purpose. Eventually, any change should effectively happen inside during the walk or afterwards, one will be likely ready to pass the experience forward by volunteering work in a totally new perspective.

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