My Sponsors

I’d like to thank here first of all my wife Raffaella and my son Riccardo, for the unconditional support and patience during the initial phases of the idea and for having dissimulated very effectively their concerns about my intentions.

Second, my dear friends Leo and Marzia, who not knowingly presented me with a photo book of the Camino de Santiago during a summer night of 2010 in Grenoble, France.

2 thoughts on “My Sponsors

  1. C’mon, chap! You’re doing well!! We are all proud of you for what you are doing in these weeks!!!
    Thanks for really showing us tha impossible is nothing!!! Leo

  2. Dear Roberto, Sorry for not following you on this wonderful trip. But as you witnessed yourself we (Pina&Peter) were quite busy with traveling and just being married, if you know what I mean. So we hope to see you soon safe and well here in Singapore.
    Peter & Pina

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