Day 3, Stage 1: Conques to Decazeville, 9:18 am to 3:41 pm incl. 3 long stops, total 19.28 km.

We left our Hotel in Conques at about 9am after a night of lighting & thunders…

We started walking under a cloudy  sky promising nothing good…

As a matter of fact in less than 1 h the rain started.. Annoying and drizzling…

No choice but keep walking …

We reached a nice chapel where I lighted a candle praying my Higher Power for my family and friends

We met a nice couple and we chat along .. We keep seeing each other today on the Walk few other times.

And, finally, we reached the shelter for tonight!! Les Volets Bleus

This simple room with bunked beds looks much better than a 5star hotel : see how perspectives in life change😊

I feel blessed and thankful: I managed to walk 19.28 km and part of my walking was under the rain.. Miserably wet.. I did it with all my heart because today I walked for the sake of  people I love very much.

Thanks God to keep me and Roberto safe in the Camino


In Sainte Foy we got the Credentials and a blessing 

…and now we are ready to go: blessed in the Sainte Foy Abbey we received the Pilgrim Credentials

 .. Not much else separates us from the real thing: tomorrow we will start walking….and we will keep you posted!

The necessary train…

From Tolouse to Rodez..

Added by kyeh52: Walking is not just a mean of transportation from point A to point B. Starting and end points are to be carefully selected to represent a meaning which goes much beyond the need of travelling. The starting and the end points must be connected by means of  an historical way, which still resonates by the many feet that have stomped the cobblestones over the centuries and the millions that likely will follow. If this connection is not there, then it is much better take the train, the bus or even a taxi.