Stage 17, Sep 20, St.Juan de Ortega to Burgos, 25.5km, total time 7:20 hours.

Just a brief update to inform that I am stuck in Burgos, since my leg infection got worse and I had to see a doctor. He prescribed medicines (anti-bio and anti-inflammatories) and three days of rest. I am a bit concerned about my frailty, but I have no choice than accept and try to figure out what is the positive impact from this circumstance.

Actually Burgos is a magnificent city and I can take some rest from the soaking in of the superbe Castilla landscape, and visit the city instead. Burgos was the capital is Spain during the Civil War in 1936-1939 under the Generalissimo Franco, and is filled up with monuments, gothic churches, castles and fine buildings. The city center is only pedestrian and is very alive with elegant people, crowding the many bars and restaurants all over.