This is it, folks….

Emptying the backpack of its content to familiarize with the process of repacking in the dark and to ensure nothing is left behind unintentionally. My guess is that at least 30% of this stuff will never be needed, and likely also a good share of the total weight. Difficult is to know upfront what exactly is it.


On the right two pairs of convertible long-short pants, 4 microfibre t-shirts and 3 underpants, socks with lining, rain coat and a long sleeved and hooded sweater with front zip. Covered in an orange sleeve bag, a pair of walking sticks, a present of my good friend Massimo. In the center, my sleeping gear, a pair of gloves and a poncho, a dirty laundry bag with a hanging line and pins and a small lunch box with a spoon-fork and a Swiss army knife, a quick-dry towel and toilet paper. On the left all the toiletries, first aid kit, slippers and sandals, torch light with spare batteries, electric and solar chargers, and the ultra light backpack. In addition I shall also use a belt pouch bag with few other amenities.

Near the towel there is also a clear bag with the stones given to me by my family and other dearest friends and to be left behind during the Camino to symbolize the letting go of the troubles of the soul.

Hope God will provide the real other necessities along the way.


Getting ready

A dear friend visited me with a bagful of essays, booklets, pamphlets and other random pieces of information on the Camino and it’s historical and spiritual significance. We talked about my purpose, my fears, and a little also about my expectations. I am shy about talking about my enthusiasm, and dreams, and so I opted to listen mostly to his shared experience and readings from all that immense knowledge scattered on the table.

“The Camino is for everyone: not for superheroes. The Camino is the sole teacher: through the first two stages, one will learn already much more than what any guidebook can tell. Trust and have faith. The Camino starts with the first step and you only need to keep walking. No one else can tell you more than your own ability to see and observe, your grateful ¬†appreciation of the respectful silence of whoever listens, of the humility of whoever asks, and more than anything else of the patience that shall grow within.”